Custom wedding cakes & specialty desserts, including cupcakes & dessert buffets, for special occasions throughout the Bay Area

Custom wedding cakes & specialty desserts, including cupcakes & dessert buffets, for special occasions throughout the Bay Area

All our cakes and desserts are handcrafted in our Berkeley, California kitchen with local, seasonal and organic ingredients whenever possible. Our signature chocolate cake is made with high quality cocoa, superior domestic and European chocolates and is not to be missed! We use silky-smooth, luscious Italian meringue buttercream. If there is a flavor or combination not on our menu that you would like, please don't hesitate to let us know as we are able to accommodate most tastes.

Cakes are available in 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 1/4 sheet and 1/2 sheets. 

For more information on Wedding cakes, Specialty cakes and Sculpted cakes please see our Service page.

If you are looking for a drop off/pick-up platter of desserts for your event, we offer Individual Dessert Platters or Finger Dessert Platters that provide a variety of tastes for your guests.

All orders are by appointment through our website, by phone and referral. Orders are available for pick up Thursday, Friday and Saturday 12-7 pm at our kitchen within Catahoula Coffee Co. 2080 4th St. Berkeley, California. Please contact us by phone 510-406-0998 or use our contact sheet to place an order.  


Fall/Winter cake flavors

Pecan Pie cake - Yellow butter cake, roasted pecan pie filling and brown sugar buttercream

Peppermint Patti Cake - Dark chocolate devil food cake, peppermint buttercream, dark chocolate ganache

Cakes available all year

Chocolate Mousse Cake
Dark chocolate cake, rich chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache

Chocolate Raspberry Crush                                                                                                                                          Dark chocolate cake, bittersweet chocolate mousse, fresh raspberries, chocolate ganache,

Salted Caramel Cake
Dark chocolate cake, dark caramel buttercream, sea salt

Classic Vanilla White Cake
White cake scented with vanilla and almond, creamy vanilla buttercream,

White Raspberry Cake                                                                                                                                                      White cake scented with vanilla and almond, raspberry curd, vanilla scented buttercream

Summer Berry Cake
Tender vanilla cake, white chocolate mousse, fresh berries, silky vanilla buttercream, white chocolate glaze finish 

Lemon Citrus Cake
Light moist vanilla chiffon cake, lemon mousse, lemon scented buttercream

Italian Cream Cake
Italian wedding cake, tender buttermilk cake infused with roasted pecans, tender coconut, vanilla cream cheese buttercream

Carrot Cake
Classic carrot cake with roasted walnuts, vanilla cream cheese buttercream

Finger Desserts, Individual Desserts &  Cupcakes

All of our cake flavors are available in small bites/finger desserts. Please consult us on pricing.

Most of our cake flavors are available as cupcakes 

In addition to cakes and cupcakes we also offer the following fine pastries:

  • Lemon Cream Tarts with Raspberries

  • Chocolate Espresso Tart

  • Assorted cake bites

  • Assorted cookies and bars

  • Cheesecake bites

    Fall and Winter additions

  • Pumpkin cheesecake with gingersnap crust

  • Cranberry white chocolate bar