Anatomy of a Dessert Table

Why Dessert Tables are a must-have for any event and possibly your next wedding. 

When thinking of a wedding one of the first things that come to mind is the elegant multi-tier wedding cake. Wedding cakes are timeless, but if you have picky eaters, desire variety, or have guests with food allergies, your cake can't be appreciated by all.  For your next wedding consider having a dessert table which can fill all of your sweet needs. 

What Exactly is a Dessert table?
A dessert table is a table that offers a variety of desserts which can include cookies, cakes, pastries, etc. 

Why are they so popular? 
Dessert tables are becoming extremely popular because it isn't traditional like a wedding cake. Although a dessert table often incorporates a small celebration cutting cake as a focal center piece, the dessert table is often the main theme for it's varied dessert selection.  It is often a cost effective way for the bride and groom to have their cake and dessert too.   One of the biggest appeals of a dessert table is that if your guests have gluten allergies or are vegan.  There are options for all at a dessert table so no one will miss out!  A dessert table is also excellent for those who want to incorporate cultural desserts as an opportunity for guests to try a variety of treats from your culture, and share a piece of your history with your guests.  The best part about having a dessert table is the spectacular splash of different colors, sizes and flavors that come together in a beautiful display that will leave a lasting memory for all.

For your next wedding or event make it memorable and consider a dessert table that you and your guests can enjoy!